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PROTOGYM is the future of fitness club management. Eliminate your office and manage all aspects of your club online. Our system puts you in control of all aspects of your facility - members, trainers, contract billing, merchandise, access, security, and even music. With a simple online interface, our software will run your club so that you can focus on what matters, your clients. Additionally, you'll have the power of our PROTOGYM online software included for all your customers. With our complete suite, you won't have to delegate different operations of your club to external vendors, saving you money and avoiding frustration. Get in touch with us to learn more about how PROTOGYM can help your club.

Online, Office-Free, Hosted Solution

PROTOGYM is a hosted solution, which means no software to install or computers to maintain. Your club is online all the time, securely managed, and readily accessible from anywhere. All components of your club are managed through one interface, making your life simple and eliminating the need for third parties to handle billing, security, etc. Additionally, your customers are to review their accounts purchase training and other services online.

Manage Your Clients Effortlessly

All your customers are managed via the PROTOGYM club interface. You'll be able to review all details of your members, including past purchases, contract status, and when they've been in your facility. With a built-in sales lead system, you'll have no trouble keeping tracking of potential clients. All onboarding is handled online, from signup to signature, via our simple web interface.

Personal Training Simplified

All personal training and other services are managed via PROTOGYM. You'll no longer have to rely on paper contracts for training services. PROTOGYM allows you to create any service offering you wish, with a variety of package and sales options. Any sessions sold and used are tracked within the system. When a purchase is made, it is visible within the customer's account. The use of the session is logged by the trainer and customer both scanning their gym tags. This tracks the session's status and properly credits the trainer for completing the service.

Complete Financial Management

No longer do you have to give away your hard-earned money to a third party vendor to handle your billing. All financial transactions are run through your PROTOGYM system, and the money goes directly into your account. Detailed reporting allows you to track your revenue and cash flow down to the day. You'll be able to determine which customers are your big spenders, see how much merchandise you've sold, and calculate all sales commissions and staff paychecks. With a glance, you'll be able to see what contracts and memberships are overdue, need follow-up, or are about to be billed.

Intelligent Security and Access Control

The PROTOGYM system includes integrated access control with an intelligent security camera. Your club can now be open for business 24x7 with a secured access-controlled door. All of your facility customers and staff gain entry via RFID key tags with access controlled and logged by the system software. Whenever the door is opened, you'll receive a detailed video alert with details of who opened the door. Additional cameras and a traditional CCTV system can be added for increased security as well as after-hours motion detection alerts.

PROTOGYM Online Software

Included with your PROTOGYM club solution is our online PROTOGYM personal fitness software. The software is available for all your active members and allows them to create workouts specific to your gym using equipment you have. Keep your clients engaged and coming back with this powerful resource included as part of their membership.

Interactive Facility Kiosk

With PROTOGYM, you'll be able to have an interactive touch screen kiosk in your club that replaces your office. The kiosk can display promotional and other information about your club, allow clients to generate PROTOGYM workouts, be used for logging personal training sessions, act as of point-of-sales, and even control the club's music.

Contact us today to learn more and see how PROTOGYM can advance your club into tomorrow!

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