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PROTOGYM is your complete online personal training and exercise management solution! Using cutting edge technology and the latest in exercise science, PROTOGYM allows you to obtain any fitness goal. From virtual equipment inventories, to an endless education library, PROTOGYM empowers you with limitless knowledge and organization. Most current exercise management tools have a limited amount of workouts, exercise types, equipment, and therefore flexibility. PROTOGYM uses your body, equipment, and fitness level to create a truly comprehensive and custom fitness solution!

Simple to Use, Easy to Start

Within just a few minutes, you can be using the most intelligent fitness software available today. After entering your information, PROTOGYM creates custom tailored workouts for you to follow. No knowledge or experience is required as PROTOGYM takes care of everything. All you have to do is the work!

Web-Based Graphical Interface

Unlike other fitness websites, PROTOGYM uses an interactive and fun graphical interface that runs entirely in your browser. This enables PROTOGYM to behave like a desktop application but still retain the convenience of being online. If you're online, you can use PROTOGYM!

Intelligent Workout Generation

PROTOGYM retains the most sophisticated workout generation tool known to date. Relying on proprietary algorithms to measure every aspect of physical movement, PROTOGYM achieves per-client customized measurements of all exercise activity. With this data, PROTOGYM will build a complete workout solution with one click of a button.

Virtual Equipment Inventories

PROTOGYM uses a proprietary system of allowing you to build and maintain personal equipment inventories, and PROTOGYM will determine available exercises based upon your equipment. With the ability to store 3 different equipment profiles, PROTOGYM has you covered no matter where you exercise.

Data Tracking and Decision Management

PROTOGYM tracks data for every workout, exercise, or assessment you have completed. This allows you to see how your weight is changing or how your bench press has gone up. You can rely on PROTOGYM to make all the decisions for you or take advantage of your historical data to make the most educated decisions.

Comprehensive Fitness Library

PROTOGYM allows you to research new exercises, equipment, and concepts to expand your knowledge of fitness. There are hundreds of exercises in PROTOGYM with a multitude of variations and equipment combinations -- all available in the library to educate and inspire you.

Accessible To Anyone

PROTOGYM is accessible to anyone interested in athletic training, regardless of skill level. Exercise videos come with detailed written instructions. Additionally, PROTOGYM utilizes fitness levels so that individuals only receive exercises and challenges appropriate for their abilities.
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